The sale of each piece of jewellery directly supports the programs and services at Autism Nova Scotia, but more importantly helps support families and people living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

About the Program

  • An 18 month program for adults with ASD who are 18 years old and over.
  • Focus on enhancing vocational skills and community based employment.
  • Adults move through a graduated level system that is based on their individual needs.

How We Work

The Promise of a Pearl is designed to provide individuals on the spectrum with the opportunity for skill building and employment. The model is divided into a five level system, with each level bringing more opportunity for involvement in the many facets of the social enterprise.

Level 1: Skills Development
This is the initial training stage of the program. Tasks include: Inventory count/control, bagging, tagging, sorting, filing, and other assorted office duties.

Level 2: Apprenticeship
In this level participants are involved in the process for filling an order. Tasks include: making jewellery, quality control, packaging products, shipping goods and ensuring accuracy of shipment.

Level 3: Community Outreach
This level give the participant the opportunity to interact with the community. This can be at shows, exhibitions, retail outlets and markets.

Level 4: Job Coach
The participants in this level are able to provide leadership and mentoring. This can be through job coaching lower levels and/or presentations at schools.

Level 5: Entrepreneur
The participants in this level have the ability to operate independently within the Promise of a Pearl program in a capacity suited to the skills of the individual.

So why did we call this initiative The Promise of a Pearl?

Pearls are strong, unique, beautiful and versatile. Of all the gems, the pearl is the only one that becomes what it is because it is nurtured. In the creation of a pearl, a clam or oyster receives a challenge to its system and it responds to that challenge by creating a supportive environment for what becomes a precious gem. With the right support, each person with autism can develop into the best that they can be – like a precious and unique pearl in the lives of the people who know and love them.

At Autism Nova Scotia we are committed to working together with our families, community partners and supporters to create a world where people with autism are accepted, celebrated, and given the opportunity to be a valued part of our community and lives. This is the promise that we at Autism Nova Scotia put behind these precious pearls, and the unique people they represent. It is also for this reason that we named this new initiative, The Promise of a Pearl.